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SEX IS A GOD THING is a digital series that explores the ways in which sexual shame can disrupt our spiritual development, our faith, our sex lives, our perceptions of our bodies; taking us away from what Esther Perel calls our “Erotic Innocence,” a place where we can experience pleasure, play and openness without the stigma of being a “bad girl” for wanting to feel good. In the series, two sisters, come together in the face of grief and decide enough is enough. They want their lives back: in their careers, respective romantic partnerships, maternal bonds, and especially their sexual bliss. The tug between their Christian upbringing and their hunger for sexual autonomy, leave them asking: can I have pleasure and a relationship with God?

The Sex Is A God Thing Digital Series will premiere at The Black Harvest Film Festival August 2019 in Chicago,IL

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Feat. Rashida KhanBey Miller & Dontrella McDonald

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