Are You Tired of TV That Doesn't Represent You? #NotYourFatBestie

Announcement: #NOTYOURFATBESTIE x @sexisagodthingtheseries 


Temptresses + Body Liberation Warriors + Goddesses this one is for you.

Over the last year I have shared with ya’ll our journey in bringing Sex Is A God Thing The Digital Series to festival. During that time I asked you all what is that you’re absolutely tired of seeing and what do you want to see MORE of on screen. The response has been overwhelming and powerful: 

“‘I’m tired of being the fat funny side kick”

“I’m tired of being the nurturer”

“I’m tired of only seeing “coke bottle” shaped plus size women”

“I’m tired of every single fat character hating her body or wanting to lose weight.”

Ya’ll are tired and so am I. 

We are hungry and searching for the same thing. 

Women of size on screen that are actual three dimensional characters. 

Women of size as the love interest. 

Women of size as the leading lady.

Despite the lack of representation we tune in anyway, hold our tongues, grimace at the bad jokes and stereotype and eventually some of favorite shows get put on the backburner because well….enough is enough.

This is why I created the #NOTYOURFATBESTIE campaign,to start disrupting the way women of size are portrayed on screen. 

I have no interest in going about this alone. I need you. The only way true disruption happens is if we put our voices and our dollars into work that actually reflects our communities.

#NOTYOURFATBESTIE @gofundme campaign is one of four social efforts I will be sharing with you all this summer.  Each one highlighting a different aspect of the work we’ve created with @sexisagodthingtheseries.

 Our first goal is to raise $9,500 by July 31st 2019

IT IS A  BIG GOAL but I know that we can do this together. 

Here is how you can help us reach our goal! 

  1. Make sure you’re following the show page : @sexisagodthingtheseries

  2. Share this photo on your timeline and/or stories and tag us @rashidakhanbeymiller  @sexisagodthingtheseries. (I have a special gift from @thetemptressboudoir for those that help us in this way.)

  3. Head over to our website to purchase one of the products or services available for sale. 

  4. Please know that every single dollar helps us reach our goal.  $5 purchases an ad. $20 pays for our website for the month. We appreciate any level that you’re able to give. 

  5. Do you have a podcast, blog, website that centers around body liberation, body love, self-love or general bad assery for people of size? Please dm me or email to join our campaign team. I would love to interview with you, write a blog for your site or host a co-live with you! Lets link and create :)